About Medz Europe

Medz Europe is an importer and distributor of a wide assortment of medical disposables, beauty products and pharmaceuticals. Medz Europe has three own brands which all offer premium quality at fair prices. Aside the AllWear, Eurogloves and Merbach brands, Medz Europe also offers different well-known premium brands. Medz Europe also provides assistance in private label products. Medz Europe assists in package design, product sourcing, quality control, transit, and even inventory keeping. This means that private label is possible for businesses of all sizes.

Medz Europe is a family business. The business was founded in 2002 by Hans Morsink. In 2019 Hans Morsink retired. His son Bas Morsink has been CEO ever since.

Medz Europe’s History

2002 - AltairCommerce and AltairMed Introduction

AltairCommerce is founded by Hans Morsink, which mainly focusses on medical disposable gloves. AltairMed is introduced as the first own brand.

2006 - Eurogloves Introduction

Bas Morsink, son of Hans Morsink joins the family business. Dutch Medical Disposables is acquired, which adds disposable protective clothing to the assortment. Eurogloves is introduced as another own brand. 


2008 - AllWear Introduction

AllWear is introduced as a third own brand, broadening the assortment to more protective clothing, mostly for industrial use.

2010 - Expanding into Asia
Medz South-East Asia Sdn Bhd and Medz Overseas Ltd are founded, further expanding operations into Asia.

2012 - Founding of Medz Europe

AltairCommerce, Dutch Medical Disposables and Eusis merge and continue operations as Medz Europe, which is now licensed to sell pharmaceutical products as well. Medz Europe now offers a large assortment with over 40.000 products, comprising of own brands, premium brands, and different private label products.

2019 - Founder Hans Morsink Retires

Founder Hans Morsink retires and carries the title of CEO over to Bas Morsink.

2019 - Eurogloves Rebranding

The AltairMed and Eurogloves assortments merge and are expanded upon. Both brands continue as the rebranded Eurogloves, with the aim of creating a unified structured assortment.


Our Customer Base

Medz Europe is active in a wide range of sectors, such as healthcare, beauty, paramedical, automotive, and much more. Medz Europe operates as B2B, and delivers to wholesalers and distributors worldwide.

Medz Europe is actively involved with its customers. At Medz Europe, customers can expect a close and lasting relationship. Medz Europe will always prioritise existing customers in times of scarcity, as was the case during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our Mission


“Medz Europe builds on personal relationships internationally, with a focus on efficiency and sustainability.”

Our Vision


“Realising continuous growth by focussing on customers, strengthening partnerships, excelling logistically, and stimulating knowledge, skill and ambition.”

Medz Europe

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