AllWear is the go-to brand when it comes to disposable protective clothing. AllWear products are mostly used in industrial and production settings. Most products are available in multiple colours, materials, and sizes.

AllWear Product Categories

Head Gear

The AllWear assortment contains a wide range of headgear. The assortment consists of hairnets, snood caps, astro caps, and beard masks. The products are especially useful in production environments where containment is to be avoided. The products assist in preventing human hair or saliva from spreading.

Body Protection

The AllWear assortment also offers multiple options for full-body protection, such as visitor coats, isolation gowns, and coveralls. The products are available in a wide range of sizes, as well as different materials or colours in some cases. All products are meant to be worn on top of regular clothing.

Limb Protection

The AllWear assortment contains multiple options for limp protection. This category contains shoe-covers, boot-covers, and sleeve-covers. The products can be worn on top of regular clothing. The products are of high quality and will not fall off unintended, due to the elastic used inside of the products.


The AllWear aprons offer excellent protection for your clothing. The aprons are blue of colour and made of PE. The aprons are available either in a bag or as tear-off aprons. On top of that, the tear-off aprons are available in two different sizes. The aprons will not fall off unintended and are easy to put on.