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Medz Europe offers a wide assortment of disposables for a wide range of sectors. First, Medz Europe has three own brands at the core of its assortment: AllWear, Eurogloves, and Merbach. These brands all offer premium quality at fair prices. Second, Medz Europe offers a wide assortment of well-known premium brands in different categories. Third, Medz Europe can assist customers in the introduction of their own private label products. Find out more about each of these below.

Our Own Brands

Medz Europe offers a wide range of products to different sectors. Among these are Medz Europe’s own brands, which comprise mainly of disposable protective clothing. The products are all carefully selected and designed by Medz South-East Asia, which is a subsidiary of Medz Europe. This ensures great quality, which is one of the core values of Medz Europe.

AllWear is the go-to brand when it comes to disposable industrial protective clothing. The AllWear assortment comprises of aprons, coveralls, face protection, and much more.

Eurogloves is a well respected brand when it comes to disposable gloves. Eurogloves are used in a wide range of sectors, such as food, health, beauty, and much more. Eurogloves is available in multiple materials, colours, and sizes.

Merbach offers all that is needed for professionals in the paramedical field. Its assortment ranges from disposable gloves to aprons, and from band-aids to wooden spatulas. The products excel in retail environments due to the amazing packaging.

Well-Known Premium Brands

Medz Europe offers multiple well-known premium brands across a wide range of product categories. These include, but are not limited to the categories below.

Examination Gloves

Medz Europe offers a wide assortment of disposable gloves. Aside from different sizes and colours, many variations can be found:

  • Sterile or non-sterile;
  • Powdered or powder-free;
  • Different materials, such as latex, PE, nitrile, and vinyl;
  • Other specialised gloves, such as veterinary and long-cuff gloves.

Protective Clothing

Medz Europe offers a wide range of protective clothing. This includes coveralls, sleeve-covers, masks, headgear, aprons, shoe-covers, and much more. All of these products are available in different materials, sizes, and colours.

Personal Care

Medz Europe offers different products in personal care. The assortment ranges from shampoo to hair gel, and from toothpaste to sanitary tissues. This includes well-known brands such as Sanex, Dove, FA, Always, Vaseline, Sensodyne, AXE, and much more.

Hygiene Paper

Medz Europe offers many types of paper products, such as paper towels, tissues, toiletpaper, and more, from well-known brands, such as Tork and Kleenex.

Incontinence & Stoma

Medz Europe offers a full range of incontinence and stoma products. The assortment includes products such as pads, underwear, underpads, and more, by well-known brands, such as Depend and Tena.

Medical Items

Medz Europe’s medical assortment includes syringes, needles, glucose teststrips, needle containers, and much more.


Medz Europe offers different products on nutrition, such as glucose tabs, baby food, food supplements, and vitamins. The nutrition assortment contains brands such as Nutricia, Mead Johnson, and Fresenius.

Wound Care

Medz Europe’s wound care assortment consists of bandages, braces, suture material, and more. The assortment contains brands such as Hartmann, BSN, Klinion, Lohmann & Rauscher, and more.


Medz Europe’s pharmaceutical license enables the offering of different kinds of OTC-medicine and prescribed medicine. 

Lab Supplies

Medz Europe offers a complete assortment of lab supplies. This includes pipettes, vials, and bottles, as well as everything that is needed to maintain hygiene standards.

Private Label

Medz Europe assists companies in the complete process of introducing private label products. Normally, carrying private label products is only possible for companies of large scale. At Medz Europe, however, introducing private label products is possible for companies of all sizes, starting at limited quantities.

Product Specification

Medz Europe has a lot of experience in designing products, as is evident from our AllWear, Eurogloves, and Merbach brands. First, the product category has to be specified. Medz Europe can assist in a wide range of products. From disposable gloves to aprons, and from dental towels to coveralls. Next, the precise specifications of the products have to be specified. Different materials, colours, and sizes are all possible, and Medz Europe can advise in every aspect. Once all the details have been worked out, our office in Malaysia will start finding the right manufacturer.

Package design

Great products need great packaging. That applies to private label products as well, which is why we work with experienced designers around the world to design product packaging that will fully match your company profile.

Quality Control

Once your private label products are designed and sourced, our dedicated office in Malaysia will make sure that high standards of quality are maintained continuously, so that your private label products will always match your standards.

Inventory Management and Distribution

Distribution can be a tedious process, which is why Medz Europe can fully relieve you from this process. We will orchestrate the full journey from the manufacturer to the warehouse. You can decide to warehouse the products yourself, or we can warehouse the products for you. We will make sure a steady product flow is maintained, so that you will never run out of product.

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