Merbach offers all that is needed for professionals in the paramedical field. Its assortment ranges from disposable gloves to aprons, and from band-aids to wooden spatulas. The products excel in retail environments due to their appealing packaging.

Merbach Product Categories

Examination Gloves

Merbach offers high quality examination gloves made of soft-nitrile. The gloves are thicker than others, making them more resistant to tearing. The gloves have a nice grip and are comfortable to wear. The gloves are available both in pink and white.

Hygiene Paper

The Merbach hygiene paper assortment contains everything you need in your practice. The assortment includes examination couch rolls, cellulose swabs, dental towels, tissues, and plastirolls.

Personal Protection

Merbach offers a solid range of personal protection for the paramedical field. This includes type IIR face masks, clip caps, and shoe-covers. The face masks are available in a wide range of colours.


Merbach’s apron assortment is geared especially towards the paramedical field. The aprons are available in four different types of packaging. One of which is the individually packaged apron. These aprons are easy to carry for ambulatory professionals. Aprons are also available as tear-off aprons, as well as in a bag or box. All aprons are white of colour.

Other Necessities

Merbach offers other necessities for paramedical practices as well. This category includes the Merbach band-aid, spatulas, and cotton pads.

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